Sports Injury Management through Ayurveda

Sports injuries may be defined as the injuries that can occur in body during sports,games,athletic activities and exercise. These injuries are associated with musculo-skeletal system that includes muscles, bones, joints, tendons, cartilages and ligaments. Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries are also considered as sports injuries in some cases.

Ankle pull, muscle pull, excessive bone and joint pain, strain, knee injuries, contusions and trauma are some common examples of sports injuries. Sprains are the injuries of ligaments that help to connect bones in joints. Sudden stretching of these ligaments and tendons are considered as sport injuries. Over-stretching or over use of muscles is called as muscle pull. Tear of ligaments, cartilage, dislocated joints and fractures are also categorised as sports injuries. Knee joint is the commonly injured joint during sport injuries because of its complex structure and its weight bearing capacity.

Range of these sports injuries vary person to person and depend upon the injury and trauma. It may vary from mild to severe. Excessive fatigue is the one important factor that contributes a lot in the onset of sport injuries. Both males and females are equally prone to these sports injuries. Knee and ankle both are the important parts that are affected easily in sports injuries. Depending upon the part involved these sports injuries are divided into following types-

    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Hard tissue injuries
    • Head neck injuries
    • Overuse injuries

Symptoms of Sports injuries-

Symptoms of sport injuries occur very quickly at the time of their happenings. Pain is the major and important symptom seen at the time of injury. Other symptoms of sports injuries include-

      • Swelling
      • Stiffness
      • Instability
      • Unable to move joint
      • Weakness
      • Numbness and tingling sensation
      • Redness
      • Confusion and severe headache
      • Inability to bear weight

Managing Sports injuries and Traumas through Ayurveda-

Maksix capsule, Painostat capsule, Dynogesic syrup, Dynogesic liniment,Vigoprot powder and Dadru daman are the Ayurvedic remedies for sports injuries management and other symptoms to bring good health to players through Ayurveda available at Yamuna pharmacy. All these remedies are very effective for injury, trauma, contusion, muscle pull, bone and joint pain and external skin disorders. Herbs used in all these remedies help to reduce pain and stiffness caused by sports injuries and traumas. Regular intake of these herbal remedies helps to treat all the underlying symptoms of sports injuries and give long term relief. Regular use of these remedies not only helps to treat symptoms but also help to improve the overall health, strength and stamina of body muscles and joints. These remedies help to strengthen ligaments and tendons and improve physical stamina.

All the products of our pharmacy are safe to use because all our herbal products are formulated by using natural herbs of Ayurveda. All our products are formulated under supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors and devoid of harmful effects of chemicals, preservatives, colours, fillers, binders and additives.

Maksix capsule

Makardhwaj, ashwagandha ghan, atmagupta ghan, vidarikand ghan, amlakighan and shilajit are the herbo-mineral intermediates used to prepare this herbal remedy for managing sports injuries and their good health through Ayurveda. All these herbs used in this remedy are anti-oxidant in nature that help to neutralize toxins and lactic acid accumulated in joints that is responsible for causing fatigue and sports injuries. Regular intake of these remedies is very beneficial for sufferers of trauma, injuries, contusion and muscle pulls. Regular intake of these herbal remedies helps to improve both physical and mental stamina. Herbs used in this herbal remedy help to reduce inflammation and stiffness of bones and joints. Ashwagandha used in this remedy helps to fight against dizziness, headache and vertigo caused by sports injuries.


One to two capsules twice or thrice daily for 50-90 days.

Painostat capsule

kupilu, nirgundi ghan, ekaneveer ras, erandmool, Sameer pannag ras, shallaki, mahavaat vidhvansan ras, ashwagandha and yograj guggul are the herbs used to prepare this herbal remedy for managing sports injuries and their ill effects through Ayurveda. Regular intake of this herbal remedy helps to subside the killing pain caused by sport injuries. Herbs used in this remedy not only help to reduce excessive pain and stiffness but also very beneficial to strengthen weakened muscles. It is used to cure chronic inflammations in body and help to improve strength and stamina of muscles and tendons.


One to two capsules twice daily for 50-90 days to heal sports injuries and to reduce pain.

Dynogesic liniment

karpoor, ajowain sattva, podina sattva, tail parna, saral, erand tail, gandh pura telare the natural derivatives of herbs used to prepare this effective herbal remedy for managing sports injuries and their undesired effects through Ayurveda. Regular application of this herbal supplement helps to reduce local pain, redness and swelling. Random use of this liniment helps to combat with stiffness and chronic inflammations. This remedy also gives satisfactory effects in muscle pull, sprains and local injuries.

Mode of application-

Take little quantity of Dynogesic liniment and massage into painful areas to reduce swelling and pain. Avoid contact with eyes and delicate part.

Dynogesic syrup

– paarijat, guduchi, ashwagandha, eranda, raasna, kachoor, gokhru, and shunthiare the herbs used to formulate this herbal remedy for managing sports injuries and their ill effects through Ayurveda. Herbs used in this herbal remedy help to stimulate our immune system and help to restrict the accumulation of toxins and lactic acid in body muscles and joints that cause fatigue (major cause for sports injuries). Regular intake of this remedy helps to reduce stiffness and inflammation of internal body. This remedy is also very effective for patients of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, myalgia and osteoporosis.


two teaspoonful thrice daily for 50-90 days for healing sports injuries and improve their health.

Vigoprot powder

Ashwagandha ghan, Gokhru ghan, Shatavari ghan, Amalki ghan, Shankh pushpi ghan, Khatika, Ksheer shushka, Ksheer medorahit and Coco power are used to prepare this Ayurveda remedy for managing sports injuries and their repaire through ayurveda. Pure extract of herbs of Ayurveda used in this formulation helps to fight against inflammation and pain of sports injuries, muscle pull, spinal injuries and bone joint troubles. Regular use of this herbal remedy helps to stimulate our immunity, physical and mental strength. It is very potential herbal nutritional supplement for growing children, teenagers, youngsters, athletes and sports persons. Regular use of this Ayurveda treatment fights with various infections and micro-organisms and help to boost our immune system.

How to make beverage-

Take 200ml of lukewarm or cold milk in a mug. Add 2 teaspoons of Vigoprot powder to milk. Add sugar or honey according to taste. Mix it well and your beverage is ready to drink.

Dadru Daman

– Chakramarda sattvamla, amlaasar ghandhak and tankanamlare herbo-mineral intermediates used in the preparation of this remedy for managing skin disorders of sportspersons caused by ringworm and fungi. This remedy is very beneficial for reducing itching experienced by sports person. Local application of this ointment helps to reduce excessive dryness and itching that appear in sports activities. It is also very beneficial remedy for other skin related problems.

How to use-

apply little quantity of Dadru Daman on affected parts and rub it gently on skin for deep penetration thrice daily for managing sports skin disorders through Ayurveda.

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