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Herbaqua, meticulously crafted by Yamuna Pharmacy, is designed to address shifts in seasons, relocations, and the infiltration of viruses or bacteria into the body. These factors often trigger fevers accompanied by symptoms such as shivering, body aches, and headaches, potentially leading to lethargy and weakening of the body and brain.

Further Insight on Fevers:

A fever is characterized by a body temperature exceeding 37.2°C, often associated with sweating, hyperventilation, and skin vasodilation. Initially, there’s a gradual temperature rise, accompanied by muscle shivering and skin vasoconstriction, commonly known as chills. Vasoconstriction leads to pale, dry skin and a sensation of coldness. Meanwhile, internal heat production increases, causing muscle tension and spasms, especially in children. As skin vasodilation ensues, warmth and sweating follow.

Fevers can be triggered by various factors, predominantly bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other pathogens known as exogenous pyrogens. These substances stimulate cells to produce cytokines, termed endogenous pyrogens, which influence the hypothalamus, elevating body temperature until it reaches a set point.

Actions to Take During High Fevers:

Maintain a healthy temperature control center in the brain.

Use a cold, damp cloth to sponge the body and forehead every two to three hours.

Stay hydrated by drinking clean, boiled, and cooled water.

Herbal Solutions for Managing Fevers:

Combine equal quantities of the following coarse powdered herbs in clean water, approximately four teaspoons in total:

  • Shunthi / Zingiber officinale
  • Khus / Vetiveria zizanioides
  • Nagarmotha / Cyperus rotundus
  • Raktachandan / Pterocarpus santalinus

Netrabaalaa / Pavonia odorata:

  • Heat the mixture on a low flame for 15 to 20 minutes, filter, cool, and drink. Repeat this process two to four times daily. This herbal blend, available as Herbaqua from Yamuna Pharmacy, caters to both local and distant patients.


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