Atisaarex Syrup (Anti-diarrhoea)


Pack of 100 ml Syrup



Atisaarex syrup, crafted by Yamuna Pharmacy, is developed as an anti-diarrhea solution without guaranteeing specific outcomes for managing diarrhea and dysenteries.


Atisaarex syrup is an herbal concoction in the form of a sweet liquid for oral consumption. It comprises Atis, Aamraguthali, Bael giri, Netra baala, Naagarmotha, and Kutaj twaq, alongside other ingredients.


  • Considered to potentially assist in managing diarrhea and dysentries.
  • Suggested to potentially foster the growth of beneficial intestinal flora and enhance physiological enteric activity.
  • May potentially alleviate symptoms of enteric stress, tension, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and intestinal hyperkinesis.
  • Possibly supports maintaining a suitable balance of intestinal flora in the bowels.
  • May possess antioxidant properties and potentially neutralize free radicals.
  • May offer support during high fevers and latent rheumatism.


The recommended dosage of Atisaarex syrup is 2 to 3 teaspoonfuls three times a day, diluted with potable water.

Recommended Dose for Children:

For children, the suggested dose is 1 teaspoonful three times a day, diluted with potable water.


Atisaarex syrup is crafted by a team of experts with qualifications in Ayurveda, pharmacy, medicinal botany, and chemistry.


Available in a PET bottle of 100 ml size.


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