Painostat Capsule – (Ayurvedic Pain Killer Medicine)


Pack of 10 Capsule

Painostat capsule is the best Ayurvedic pain killer tablet without side effects that normalizes the physiological activity of muscles and nerves in all three genders and mitigates pain.


Painostat: Your Ayurvedic Pain Killer Tablet ?

What is the best pain relief medicine?

Painostat capsule prepared by Yamuna Pharmacy is best ayurvedic pain killer tablet for muscular pains (Myalgias) and neurological pains (Neuralgias) without side effects.

What is Painostat capsule?

Painostat capsule is a polyherbo-mineral compound that serves as an effective pain killer tablet, normalizing the physiological activity of muscles and nerves in all the three genders and mitigates the pains

How does Painostat benefit?

Painostat capsule is functionally a muscular and nervine pain killer.

What is composition of Painostat capsule?

Painostat capsule comprises natural herbs,and pharmacopoeial preparations that are official to alleviate the pains viz.:Kupilu shodhit, Nirgundee ghan, Ekangveer ras, Eranda mool, Sameer pannag ras,Shallaki, Maha vat Vidhvansan ras, Ashwagandha and Yograj guggulu etc.

What is dose of Painostat capsule?

1 to 2 capsules twice a day till satisfactory feelgood experience.

What other benefits one gets from Painostat capsule?

Painostat prioritizes your overall health by safeguarding your kidneys and liver. It imparts preventive and curative relief in:

  • Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Backache
  • Tender and swollen joints
  • Numbness of skin
  • Morning stiffness that may last for couple of hours
  • Fatigue – mental and physical
  • Weight loss

Who is behind concept of formulation of Painostat capsule?

Painostat capsule is conceived and formulated by expert team of GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay),MSc (Med.Botany) , BAMS and Bsc(chemistry) personnels.

Packing :

Standard pack of blister strip of 10 capsule x 1.


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