Bercin Oil (For Hemorrhoids and Piles warts)


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Bercin oil, produced by Yamuna Pharmacy, is recommended for topical application on Hemorrhoids and Piles warts, addressing their rashes and associated itching in humans.

What is Bercin oil?

Bercin oil is an oleo ayurvedic liquid designed exclusively for external use.

How does Bercin oil benefit?

  • Bercin oil is suggested to soothe irritation of rectal skin, reducing redness, itching, and swelling linked to Hemorrhoids and Piles warts.
  • It is believed to penetrate deeply into the skin and submuscular rectal tissues, offering relief from the skin irritations caused by Hemorrhoids and Piles warts.
  • Bercin oil is suggested to assist in restoring the normal condition of rectal skin.

What other benefits are attributed to Bercin oil?

  • Bercin oil may facilitate early recovery from:
  • Itching and irritations of rectal skin associated with Hemorrhoids and Piles warts.
  • Intertrigo (friction between two folds of skin).

What is the composition of Bercin oil?

Bercin oil comprises Chakramarda,Nimba patra,Chirayta,Haridra, Daru haridra,Rakta chandan,Vasaka,Haritki,Vibhitak,Aamlaa and Chameli patra etc. in vegetable oil base

How is Bercin oil applied?

Apply a small quantity to the affected areas, such as Hemorrhoids and Piles warts, and gently massage for deep absorption of the oil. Repeat the application every eight hours.

Who is responsible for the formulation of Bercin oil?

The formulation of Bercin oil is purportedly conceptualized, processed, and supervised during manufacture by a team consisting of GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay), MSc (Med.Botany), and BAMS personnel.

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