Preventing asthma through Ayurveda

What is asthma?

Asthma is the condition of swelling and narrowing of airways due to production of excessive mucus by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Due to this chronic inflammation of lungs difficulty in breathing, coughing and shortness of breath are the major symptoms seen in sufferers of asthma. It may be minor disease that interfere with your daily activities or may lead to a serious life threatening situation due to major asthmatic attack. This inflammatory disease of airways makes our breathing and day to day activities very much difficult.

In this modern era 1 out of every 12 children is born with asthma due to our modern habits of eating and lifestyle. About 30% population throughout the world is suffering from this disorder.

Symptoms of asthma:

Symptoms of asthma vary from person to person. Major symptoms that are seen in suffers of asthma may include-

  • shortness of breath
  • breathlessness
  • sleeping troubles
  • recurrent coughing attacks
  • tightness and pain in chest
  • whistling and wheezing sounds when a person is exhaling
  • chest congestion
  • excessive fatigue

Triggers of asthma:

There are so many factors that are responsible for causing this disease. Direct exposure with numerous irritants and pollutants are responsible to trigger this disease. Asthma triggers also vary from person to person and can include-

  • exercise induced asthma
  • Airborne substances such as pollens, pet dander, dust particles, mites, mould spores etc.
  • exposure to extreme cold and windy temperature
  • air irritants like smoke and chemicals
  • long term use of certain medicines
  • emotional factors like anxiety and stress
  • gastro-oesophageal reflux
  • excessive use of processed and packed foods

Genetics play very important role in this disease. This disorder is carried from parents to their offspring. Person with allergic rhinitis is more prone to have this disease in future. Being overweight and chronic smoker is another important reason for developing asthma. Excessive exposure to perfumes is another reason for onset of asthma. People that are working as farmers, hair dressers, manufactures and in chemical based company are at major risk of developing asthma. According to situations and factors responsible it can be further divided into following types-

  • 1.exercise/stress induced asthma
  • 2.occupational asthma
  • 3.allergen-induced asthma

Ayurveda overview of asthma:

According to Ayurveda this disease is categorized under “Shwaasa roga”. Primary part of body that is affected and originating point of asthma (shwaasa roga) is respiratory system and other organs impact on this diseases are secondary factors. According to Ayurveda it is very chronic inflammation(shotha)of respiratory system and air path way. Vaata and Kapha both are thedoshas that are associated with this disease. Aggaravation of both the doshas in respiratory system leads to breathlessness, wheezing, tightness of chest, uncomfortable feeling and continuous coughing. It is broadly divided into 5 types-

  • •Mahashwaasa(dyspnoea)
  • •Oordhvashwaasa(expiratory dyspnoea)
  • •Chhinna shwaasa(stroke respiration)
  • •Kshudra shwaasa(split dyspnoea)
  • •Tamaka swasa(chronic asthma)
  • Causes of Tamakashwaasa(asthma) according to Ayurveda:

    Regular intake of dry, cold, heavy and incompatible foods, excessive intake of cold water, exposure to extreme cold temperature, exposure to dust, smoke, pollens present in wind, trauma or injury in chest region and suppression of natural urges are the major factors that are responsible for onset of tamaka shwaasa. It is basically a vaata-kaphaj disease.

    Asthma is a disease that cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be controlled with use of herbal medicines and changes made in our daily routine.

    Preventing asthma through Ayurveda-

    Capsules Asthasule, Syrup Exhain and Yamuna Gojihwaadi Quaath is the various Ayurveda remedies for preventing asthma available at Yamuna pharmacy. Pure herbs of Ayurveda are used to prepare these herbal remedies and all these remedies are safe to use. Regular use of these remedies helps to fight against the allergens and other causative agents that are responsible for onset of asthma. Regular intake of these anti-asthma remedies help to resolve congestion and phlegm deposited in channels and clear the air pathways and give long term relief.

    All the products of our Yamuna Pharmacy are safe for every age group because all our products are free from side effects of any chemicals, preservatives, binders, fillers and colours. Natural extracts obtained from pure herbs of Ayurveda are used to formulate all our products. Formulations of all the products of our pharmacy are devised under proper supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors.

    1.Capsule Asthasule-

    kupilu, dhastur, saindhav, saambhar, sauvarchal and vaasaare the herbs used in the preparation of this herbal remedy for prevention of asthma. All the herbs used in this remedy for prevention of asthma work effectively to clear the constrictions of trachea and bronchii and give satisfactory relief. Regular intake of this remedy helps to excrete stubborn and sticky bronchial phlegm. It helps to overcome shortness of breath and other breathing related difficulties. It helps to reduce chest congestion/tightness and pain caused by excessive coughing in asthma. Regular intake of this herbal remedy for prevention of asthma helps to allay sleeping troubles caused by shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. It also helps to control asthma that is triggered by pet dander, pollens and dust particles.

    Dosage –

    One to two capsules thrice daily after breakfast and meals for 50-90 days regularly.

  • Exhain syrupvasaka, kantkari, madhuyashti, lisodhe, khatmi, tulsi, navsadar, tankan and pudina sattvaare the herbs and botanical used to prepare this herbal remedy for prevention of asthma. Regular use of this remedy helps to fight against the serious congestion and constriction of trachea and bronchial tubes. It is very effective remedy for chronic cough and asthma caused by various factors. All the herbs used in this remedy are also very effective for larynx and help to reduce the inflammation of throat, larynx and air pathways. Regular intake of this remedy helps to soothe cough and give long term relief.

    Dosage –

    two tablespoons twice or thrice daily after meals for 50-90 days regularly.

    3.Yamuna Gojihvaadi Quaath-

    gaujaban, mulethi, saunf, munakka, anjir, unnaab, adoosa, joofa, sapistan, khoob kalan, hansraj, gulbanafsha, alsi, khatmi, kali marich and kantkariare the herbs used to prepare this herbal remedy for prevention of asthma. Herbs used in this herbal remedy are anti-inflammatory in nature and regular intake of this remedy helps to reduce the inflammation of trachea, throat and air pathways and give relief from asthma. It is very beneficial remedy for cold, cough and bronchitis. It is also very effective for sufferers of sinusitis and rhinitis. In asthmatic patients regular intake of this herbal medicine helps to strengthen the weakened lungs.

    Dosage –

    10 to15ml of quaath with warm water thrice daily for 50-90 days regularly.

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