About 5-10% population throughout the world is suffering with this disorder. Males are two to three times more affected than females with renal stones. It usually occurs in people living in hot and arid regions and less common in temperate regions of the world.

Renal calculus or stone  is a very common disease that is prevalent and  spreading worldwide. Renal calculi are also called kidney stones and these are crystalline solids that are accumulated in our kidneys. Composition of these kidney stones are mainly of uric acid, calcium salts, struvite and cysteine. In 70-80% cases of renal calculi these stones are composed of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate and rest of cases stones are made up of uric acid, cysteine and struvite. These stones can affect any part of your body from kidneys to urinary bladder. There is no single factor  responsible for onset of this disorder but variety of factors contribute to this disease.

Pain in your lower abdomen, groin region and below ribs, painful urination, and blood passage during urination, foul smelly and cloudy urination, nausea and vomiting and persistent need of urination are the various sign and symptoms that individual of renal calculi feels.

Factors responsible for causing renal calculi :-

Family history, less water intake, certain diets such as- high sodium and high protein diet, obesity, digestive problems, surgeries and various medications and certain medical conditions like hyper parathyroidism, renal tubular acidosis and urinary tract infections are the factors that give rise to this disorders associated with our renal system.

Treatment of renal calculi with Ayurveda :-

If you are battling with renal calculi then Ayurveda is one of the best way to get relief from this harmful problem of kidneys. Kidneys are very important and integral part of our body that help to remove harmful toxins from our body and care of this system of our body is very necessary for all of us. So Ayurveda is only one safe and best way to deal with this problem of kidneys.

Ayurveda is science of life and richest power house of thousands of herbs to cope with this problem called renal calculi. Regular use of these herbs, our healthy diet, stress free lifestyle and regular exercise give long term relief and satisfactory results. Here are the important herbs of Ayurveda that help to fight against renal calculi and give immense benefits.

  • Pashanbhed (Saxifolia ligulata) -Pasahanbhed is very effective lithotryptic and diuretic herb of Ayurveda that helps to fight against renal calculi and various urinary tract infections. It is proved that regular use of this herb helps to increase both quantity and flow of urine and help to remove renal stones naturally without hurting any part of renal system. This herb is also very beneficial for people suffering with hypertension and other heart and renal system related issues. This herb is also very beneficial for liver related troubles and for diabetic patients. Calming properties of this herb make it efficient for people that are fighting with high grade fevers. Piercing nature of this herb helps to eliminate kidney stones naturally and give satisfactory results.
  • Gokhru (Tribulus terristis)– Gokhru is another herb of Ayurveda that helps to fight against various renal troubles and renal calculi. Diuretic activities of this herb make it capable to fight against renal calculi. Cleansing properties of this herb help to eliminate harmful wastes from kidneys and protect our renal system from the risk of formation of stones. Regular use of this herb also helps to promote the functioning of our body’s cleansing system. It is also beneficial herb for females that are suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Regular use of this herb helps to eliminate excessive water and reduce the size of cyst. It also helps to deal with allergies, heart and nervous system related troubles.
  • Apamarg(Achyranthes aspera)– Apamarg is the herb that helps to reduce severe colicky pain in renal calculi. Regular use of this herb helps to treat urine retention. Anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidant nature of this herb helps to fight against serious inflammations and infections. Cleansing action of this herb helps to remove harmful impurities, free radicals, waste material and fight against various microbes and protect our body cells from the harmful action of infections and serious allergies. In Ayurveda this important herb is widely used in the treatment of anal fistula. Internally this herb is good for respiratory tract related problems and externally it is used to treat various skin allergies and infections also.
  • Varuna(Crataeva nurvula)– Varuna is very beneficial diuretic herb of Ayurveda that helps to treat renal calculi, dysuria, various intestinal and digestive problems. Lithotryptic and diuretic properties of this herb make it potent to fight against renal calculi and its serious complications. Leaves of this beneficial herb help to reduce severe colic pain. It is very effective blood purifier and helps to aid with serious urinary tract infections.
  • Kulattha (Dolichos biflrous) – regular use of kulattha helps to remove the stones of renal system and it helps to prevent new formation of kidney stones. It is richest source of iron and polyphenols that helps in the removal of kidney stones. It also gives relief from foul smell urine and various urinary tract infections. This herb of Ayurveda is also very beneficial for the sufferers of piles. It gives relief from bleeding and swollen veins in case of piles.

Above mentioned 5 herbs of Ayurveda are a very effective and safe approach to combat this problem. Regular use of these herbs gives satisfactory and long term relief. These herbs do not harm other body cells and naturally deal with various underlying symptoms of this disease.

It’s a universal truth we all want natural and safe treatment that do not cause any side effects to our body and prevent out body from the risk of other disorders caused by allopathic medications that we all are taking in our daily life. Yamuna pharmacy provides you very effective and natural treatment to cope with disease in form of Zapp syrup and Zapp tablets.  Both these ayurvedic medicine are beneficial combination of all the above mentioned herbs in Ayurveda. Regular use of these herbal medicines gives permanent relief from kidney stone. Both remedies help to treat burning and painful micturition and also good for treating irritation of urinary bladder. For long term relief these remedies should be recommended for 50-90 of days continuously.

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