About 10-20% people throughout world is suffering with this serious condition called constipation. Our inactivate life style, lack of water and fibre intake and lesser physical exercise are responsible for causing this serious health condition. We all opting for western diets and we and our children are very happy to eat fatty, sugary and fried diet, but we all ignore the health hazard effects of these foods we are taking in our daily life. These western diets not give rise to this single problem called constipation but are also linked with other serious health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hearth and various other nervous system related problems. It is a major problem that causes torn skin and swollen veins. These swollen veins finally are interlinked with piles and haemorrhoids. Irregularity of bowel is considered as very dangerous conditions.

Constipation may be defined as a serious condition that is associated with our digestive system in which individual has too much hard stool which is very difficult to expel it out. Emptying of stomach becomes very difficult and excessively painful. Abdominal cramps, excessive abdominal pain, flatus, bloating, abdominal distension, feeling of nausea and loss of appetite are the various symptoms that individual feels while suffering with this problem. This condition is considered to be chronic one and the sufferer experiences these symptoms continuously for three months or more.

Lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, lack of water and fibre, skipping meals, depression and anxiety and regular intake of certain medications are responsible to cause this condition associated with digestive system. Growing age and pregnancy are other factors that are also associated with this problem.

How constipation is treated with Ayurveda herbs?

When it comes to fix this critical condition of digestive system then herbs of Ayurveda are very effective and best treatment. Changes in our diet, daily exercise and regular use of some effective herbs of Ayurveda  give relief from this problem and help in fixing of this problem naturally. These herbs help to treat constipation and make our bowel movements normal. Below mentioned are the very beneficial laxative herbs of Ayurveda that help to treat this condition naturally without any side effects.

  • Rose – Gulaab (Rosa damascena) – laxative and prokinetic effects of Rosa damascena help to treat constipation in very natural way. This herb is very beneficial remedy to treat constipation and various menstruation related problems. It is very effective anti-inflammatory, digestive, anti-oxidant, anti-depressant, analgesic, diuretic and laxative herb of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda this herb is used for treating abdominal pain, chest pain and various digestive system related issues. It is best remedy to treat constipation and menstrual bleeding related problems.
  • Mentha- Pudina (Mentha arvensis) – Menthol present in this herb helps as stimulant for digestive system and improves our digestion. This herb helps to treat severe abdominal cramps, aches and chest pain. Regular use of this herb helps in softening the stool and used to treat this serious condition called constipation. It is also very effective remedy for various respiratory system related problems like common cold, cough, flu, asthma and bronchitis. Oil obtained from this herb is very effective remedy for digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome and severe constipation. This herb is also a help to aid various digestive problems in small children. Regular use of this herb helps to combat with constipation and improve our bowel movements.
  • Ginger – Shunthi (Zingiber officinale) – Ginger in Ayurveda is used to treat various gastro-intestinal problems. In sufferers of constipation this herb helps to reduce nausea and vomiting. It improves the poor digestion and help to treat excessive bloating and flatus. It is a natural carminative and laxative herb of Ayurveda. It is also used to treat various other ailments like ulcers, arthritis, diabetes and vomiting. According to Ayurveda this herbal remedy is best for upset stomach, colic and severe constipation.
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) – this herb of Ayurveda is best to treat digestive system related problems. Regular use of this herb helps to improve appetite, stimulate our digestion and help to cure serious constipation. It helps to regulate normal bowel movements and softening of stool in sufferers of constipation. This herb is also very essential to combat with various gastro-intestinal problems like bloating, flatus, ascites, irritable bowel syndrome, piles and serious troubles of colon. It is also effective herb that gives very beneficiary results in cases of food poisoning also. It is effective anti-oxidant herb that improves immunity and fight against various infections. This herb is also rich source of vitamin C. it helps in lowering cholesterol and good for treating heart related issues.
  • SennaSanaaya (Cassia augustifolia) -Senna is widely used herb of Ayurveda that is used to treat constipation. It is very effective herb of Ayurveda that fights against chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and various other gastro-intestinal problems. This herb of Ayurveda is widely recommended for sufferers of piles, haemorrhoids and sufferers with various rectal surgeries. Sennosides present in this herb are bio-active compounds that possesses laxative effects and help to cure chronic constipation.

Above mentioned herbs of Ayurveda are very effective remedies that give relief from this chronic condition easily without causing any side effects. All these laxative herbs individually have strong effects on our digestive system. So combination of all these herbs is surprising treatment for this chronic and painful uncomfortable condition.

Combination of all these herbs to fight this condition naturally in form of Bowelax powder manufactured  by Yamuna Pharmacy  is available in the market . It is a mild laxative powder and regular use of this powder helps to improve peristaltic movements of our intestines. Regular use of Bowelax powder helps in softening of impacted stool. Regular intake of this beneficial remedy eradicates chronic constipation, flatus and severe bloating. It is also very effective in females because it helps to treat dysmenorrhoea associated with constipation. For its better and satisfactory results 4-6 grams of Bowelax powder should be recommended for constipation patient daily with warm water at bed time.


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