How Will Power of a School Teacher to Adopt Ayurveda Led to Control Thyroid without Unwanted Effects

Pratibha is 43 years old middle class educated women having inspiring personality, lives in tagore garden, New Delhi. She is a home maker and a teacher in school. She wakes up at about 4:30 am while her rest family members are asleep. After getting fresh she washes clothes, cleans utensils and prepares breakfast and lunch for rest of her family members. Then she takes bath, dresses herself and rush to school in a regular chartered cab. On the way she finds time to take a bite of a small prantha she keeps in hand bag wrapped in a foil. From 8:00am in the morning till 3:00pm she has both academic and administrative responsibilities to fulfill, which she accomplishes smilingly. Coming back home she takes her lunch and goes for a few minute refreshing power nap. In the evening after having a cup of tea she gives tuition to few nearby children at home. Post this she has responsibility to prepare and serve dinner. Along with such a tiresome daily schedule, Pratibha finds time to socialize with loved ones.

Meeting all such routine challenges, Pratibha started feeling tired, she used to feel sleepy during day time in school to the extent she used to snore in class. She was getting lethargic and gaining weight. Followed by this she started suffering pains and felt irregularities in her periodic cycles. Her skin became dry and hair turned lifeless. Once a Pratibha, who used to be full of life now started remaining sad and gloomy.

Her very close friend and colleague Samidha, who was also a constant observer of this abrupt change in her physical appearance and attitude persuaded her to approach a doctor. Following Samidha’s persuasion, Pratibha approached a famous doctor who after going through above symptoms and few lab tests diagonosed that Pratibha is suffering from hypothyroidism or thyroid in layman’s language.

Now came the time to start the treatment. So doctor advised her to take levothyroxine in a dose which was suitable for Pratibha, for next fifteen days and report back after fifteen days. Pratibha started following doctor’s advice and felt somewhat better. As ten days went by with Levothyroxine, Pratibha felt some palpitation in heart and flushes on skin. Her pulse also increased drastically. She took it seriously and went to approach doctor on tenth day itself. Observing Pratibha’s latest condition doctor, prescribed her another drug called, tri-iodothyronine and again advised her to visit after fifteen days. Being an obedient patient again she followed her doctor’s instructions religiously. For the first seven days everything went well, Pratibha felt drastic improvement in herself, but on eighth day, again she felt severe head-ache in the wee hours. She was sweating badly. It was so irritable that she was not able to sleep properly. Now Pratibha was aroused by extreme nervousness. Somehow she managed to wait for sunrise and thereafter immediately rushed to see her doctor. Observing her latest scenario doctor asked her to continue taking reduced dose of tri-iodothyronine and futher added some more drugs to curb side effects of tri-iodothyronine. Now Pratibha was not convinced with the treatment going on. She felt as if her disease is not being treated but being suppressed by virtue of one drug or the other. She felt as if she was a guinea pig being experimented in hit and trial manner. She wanted to get rid of disease right from root level. She needed an alternative to deadly chemicals being consumed by her. But right now she had no option other than following her doctor’s latest instructions.

Next morning while on way to school in her chartered cab, she overheard conversation of two co-travellers. One of them was telling that she was suffering from some serious gynaecological disorder and after getting fed up of ingesting huge amounts of chemical based medicines sought nature based ayurvedic treatment from a female qualified ayurvedic doctor in fateh nagar. Pratibha who was just listening their conversation uninterestingly immediately got interested. She enquired about doctor, took her contact number and decided to seek appointment. During recess time in school she called the doctor and fixed appointment with her. She was fortunate to fix up at same doctor’s janakpuri clinic, in the evening at 5:00pm. Pratibha cancelled her evening tuition and got ready to see ayurvedic doctor, with her reports and previous doctor’s prescriptions. She was at doctor’s clinic at sharp 4:55pm. She did formalities with reception, and was in front of doctor in next five minutes. The doctor was humble, smiling and calm. Her trustworthy, relaxed attitude induced so much confidence in Pratibha, to the extent that she told whole of her medical history in a very friendly manner. 

Going through all previous reports of Pratibha, she designed classical ayurvedic medication comprising natural herbo-mineral ingredients like KANCHNAR, GUGGULU, HARITAKI, VIBHITAK, AAMLA, VARUN, BRAHMI, GOKHRU, SHIGRU PATRA, SHILAJIT, TAMRA BHASAM, SHUSHKA KASEESAK, GANDHAK, KHATIKA in appropriate dose suitable for Pratibha. The ayurvedic doctor also guided Pratibha some life-style changes along with some mild yoga asanas. Finally, she asked Pratibha, though to come back after one month, in case of any emergency can come any time.

While going back home Pratibha was full of positivity. Somewhere in her mind she had a spark that this doctor will definitely bring back her lost identity.

Now Pratibha started with ayurvedic treatment protocol along with life style changes and yoga asanas. Within six days she felt her lost appetite is reviving. Her vital discharges also started becoming normal. As she carried on further she was not feeling fatigue. Her skin started glowing. With regular yoga her weight was reducing. Her hair started becoming lustruous. She was not having any pains anymore. Her periodical cycles started normalizing. She called her ayurvedic doctor on phone and intimated her about the progresses made so far. To this ayurvedic doctor advised to get thyroid tests done again. Pratibha religiously followed ayurvedic doctor’s advice and called a reliable laboratory to collect blood sample for thyroid test. When the thyroid test report arrived Pratibha was overjoyed to see that her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level was within normal range of 0.40 – 4.50 mIU/mL. Pratibha again went to see her ayurvedic doctor, this time at her fateh nagar clinic being more close to tagore garden, who after going through latest test report inferred that Pratibha’s thyroid gland was functioning normally and was maintaining thyroid hormone(T3 & T4) levels in optimum range. Still the ayurvedic physician advised Pratibha to carry on same medication protocol for 10 more days to avoid withdrawal symptoms. She also advised Pratibha to follow lifestyle changes and practice yoga throughout life so that any kind of lifestyle disorder shouldn’t ever bother her (Pratibha).

Pratibha thanked the lady doctor from deep core of her heart and presented a beautiful tiffin containing home made dish chaamp cooked by Pratibha herself, as gesture of love and regards.
Now while returning back home Pratibha had full faith on nature’s own treatment & wellness therapy,The Ayurveda
Disclaimer: Information given over here is just for reference & not a substitute to the treatment offered by your doctor. For your own health wellness & disease management kindly consult your doctor.


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