Schizophrenia literally meaning “split mind” is a psychiatric disorder which hampers a person’s ability to think, feel and behave clearly. Patient is almost detached from real world and lives in his/her own imaginary world and fails to distinguish between real and virtual


Usually compared with “Attatwabhinivesh” in classical ayurveda texts, schizophrenia has no specific cause but has a strong genetic prevalence.(Roughly it is found in 10 percent of people who have a first degree relative with schizophrenia).Psychological and environmental factors can make such person more likely to develop the condition as some people are prone to schizophrenia and a stressful or emotional life event might trigger it. Lack of mental discipline, negative emotions like anger, jealousy are known to cause imbalance in psychic energies further leading to schizophrenia


Being depressed ,unnecessary hostility or violence, irrational statements, strange suspicions ,forgetfulness, change in sleep patterns are some of its symptoms. As there is no specific lab test to confirm schizophrenia, still presence of some of these symptoms for more than six months indicates towards schizophrenia like hallucinations (person starts seeing things, hearing voices and perceiving smells which others can’t), delusions (false beliefs that don’t change even when presented with new ideas or facts), Negative symptoms (which make the person emotionally flat, diminishing his/her abilities and Cognitive issues etc. Ayurveda views schizophrenia as the imbalance of psychic energies (sattva, rajas, tamas)on an inner level supported by imbalance of tridoshas(vata,pitta,kapha).


Sadly there is no cure for schizophrenia rather treatment can manage the disease symptoms and enhance life quality of the patient. Treatment is usually lifelong and often involves

  • combination of anti psychotic medicines,
  • psychotherapy (such as CBT)and
  • co-ordinated speciality care services(patient education about disease, lifestyle management etc).

As per Ayurveda, to combat this mental illness, specific herbal formulations are mentioned which destroy and clear any blockages present in subtle channels of brain as well as to strengthen and rejuvenate mental faculties.

SERY Capsule of YAMUNA PHARMACY is an excellent combination of Medhya (mind strengthening) herbs like brahmi, tagar, jatamansi and ashwagandha which calms down the nervous system and enhances mental performance by its naturally rejuvenating properties which support good brain health and helps to provide relief in symptoms like depression, lack of sleep, anxiety associated with schizophrenia. These capsules can be taken 1 to 2 twice a day with water, milk or with VIGOPROT a special formulation of YAMUNA PHARMACY which acts as a brain nourishing and revitalising combination because of its ingredients like shatavari,shankhpushpi,amlaki and most essentially calcium carbonate in natural form of khatika

ASHWORANGE SYRUP is yet another miraculous preparation by YAMUNA PHARMACY having herbs such as guduchi, draksha, ashwagandha which wards off stress, tension and have positive effects on nervous system.

Apart from medications, following dincharya (ayurvedic daily regimen like getting up early in the morning preferably in brahama muhurta,not to awake till late in night, eating fresh foods and seasonal fruits and vegetables),refraining from hot discussions and negative emotions of anger, lust, jealousy, anxiety etc. and doing regular yoga, pranayama can cause wonders in treatment efficacy.

Recent studies have shown that aerobic exercises like treadmills, exercise bicycle can significantly help in improving cognitive functions in schizophrenic patients.

SHITALI PRANAYAM and TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION (form of silent mantra meditation) at dawn times have surprisingly good results in patients with schizophrenia

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