Removing harmful toxins (detoxification) of human body through Ayurveda

What are free radicals and toxins in human body?

Toxins and free radicals are the poisonous substances present in human body that are responsible for major destruction in body. To understand about these toxins and free radicals let’s have look on complete process of development of these toxins in body.

Human body is always under constant attack of oxidative stress. These oxygen particles split into small particles that are called free radicals. These free radicals are released in body after natural and oxidative stress caused by regular use of hard effect medicines. These free radicals are main cause of damage of cells, organs, proteins and DNA structures of human body. Medicines used for various human disorders such as Cancer, Blood related problems, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and many other disorders are the major factors that release free radicals in body. Other reasons that generate free radicals in body are the foods that we eat daily, harmful liquids (alcohol and carbonated waters) we drink and foul-obnoxious air we breathe. Foods, alcohol, tobacco smoking, pesticides and pollutants are the common examples that are responsible for acceleration of oxidative stress in body caused by free radicals. This process is responsible to slow down the metabolism and digestion in human body and resulting in release of toxins and free radicals as by-products released in body by the chemical processes. In other words we can say that free radicals are exactly the toxins released in body during slower metabolism and chemical reactions in body during building of new cells. Bad part of these free radicals and toxins in human body are their high interruption with our immune system. They float through our circulatory system, weaken immune system and are responsible for onset of multiple harmful disorders in our body. They cause destruction of cells in body and damage natural protein therein.

Toxins and free radicals present in body are responsible for development of inflammation and play a vital role in certain serious conditions in body such as Cardio-vascular diseases, Cancers, Arthritis, Ulcers and Inflammatory disorders.Otherworst side of free radicals and toxins in body is associated with process of aging. Cellular bad effect caused by these harmful particles in body is the damage of cells that causes early aging in young age.

Symptoms that are caused by development of free radicals in human body-

*fatigue * severe headaches* noise insensitivity* muscle pain* joint pain, *greying of hair *development of wrinkles* memory loss* brain related problems* weakened immunity and *vision related troubles are the symptoms that are caused by accumulation of toxins and free radicals in body.

Removing harmful toxins (detoxification) of human body through Ayurveda:

All the herbs of Ayurveda are anti-oxidant in nature and this anti-oxidant nature of Ayurveda herbs is one and only solution for removal of toxins from human body. Anti-oxidants help to prevent free radicals and protect our cells and body from serious damage. These are the natural substances that help to clean up toxins and help to strengthen immune system.

Herbaqua powder, Mefcop syrup, Mefcop tablets and Gulvalex capsules are the Ayurveda remedies for removing harmful toxins from human body through Ayurveda available at Yamuna pharmacy. Pure extracts obtained from natural herbs of Ayurveda are used to formulate all these Ayurveda remedies to remove harmful toxins of human body. These herbs help to neutralize the bad effects of harmful toxins that are released in body after use of certain medications for various disorders. All the herbs used in these Ayurveda remedies are anti-oxidant in nature that help to dilute or expel these toxins and boost our immune system.

All the products of our pharmacy are safe for every age group because natural herbs are used in formulation of these products. Our products are free from harmful effects of chemicals, preservatives, binders, fillers, colours and additives and formulated under supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors.

Herbaqua powder-

shunthi, khus, nagarmotha, rakta chandana, netrabala, parpat are the herbs used to prepare this Ayurveda remedy for removing harmful toxins from human body. Regular use of Herbaqua Ayurveda remedy helps to rejuvenate body cells and stop the process of early aging. Regular intake of this remedy helps to enhance immunity in body and gives protection from harmful microbes and infections. Regular intake of Herbaqua helps to stop greying of hair and protect skin from various problems. It helps to alleviate severe thirst and improve digestion so that harmful toxins are not released in body as a result of poor digestion. Herbaqua helps to cure severe headache and strengthens weak nervous system. Anti-inflammatory nature of herbs helps to reduce internal swelling and protect our body, bones and joints from chronic disorders. It is very beneficial remedy for cancer patients because it helps to enhance immunity and builds up strength to withstand ill thermo-toxic effects of anti-cancer treatments.

How to use-

this herbal powder is used in the form of decoction prepared by boiling 20 gms of Herbaqua in 200ml of water and reduced to 50 ml and drunk once or twice daily by adults to remove toxins from human body.

Gulvalex capsule-

guduchi is the principal effective herb of Ayurveda that is used to prepare this remedy for removing harmful toxins from human body. This herb of Ayurveda is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic in nature. Regular intake of this Ayurveda remedy helps to stimulate our immune system and protect the cells and tissues from harmful toxins. Regular intake of this herb helps to reduce inflammation and protect our body, bones and joints from various disorders such as arthritis and gout etc. Regular use of this Gulvalex capsule helps to combat the excessive fatigue, high grade fevers, muscle cramps and body aches.


One to two capsules twice or thrice daily to boost the immune system and to remove harmful toxins from human body.

Mefcop syrup-

kaalmegh, parpat, bhui amla, kaasni and apaamarg are the herbs used to prepare this Ayurveda remedy for removing harmful toxins from human body. All the herbs are effective to fight against chronic inflammations and swellings in body. Regular intake of Mefcop syrup the Ayurveda remedy helps to protect our body from free radicals, toxins and harmful chemicals. Routine use of Mefcop syrup helps to enhance the metabolism and digestion. It is also very beneficial remedy for liver and kidney related disorders as boosts their respective de-toxicative activities.


Two teaspoon with equal quantity of water, thrice daily for removing harmful toxins from body for 50-90 days.

Mefcop tablet-

kaalmegh, bhringraj, bhui amla, kutkee, nimba, haridra ghan, mandur bhasma and shudh gairik are the herbs and minerals used to prepare this Ayurveda remedy Mefcop tablet for removing harmful toxins from body. Nimb used in this remedy is the natural herb that purifies the toxins and other impurities from blood and protects our body from infections. This remedy helps to boost weak immune system and improve weak mental stamina. It helps to fight against various brain related troubles. Regular intake of this remedy helps to reduce chronic inflammation and swelling in body and protect body from action of harmful toxins that causes disorders of joints and bones.


One to two tablets twice or thrice daily for 50-90 days for neutralising harmful toxins from human body.

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