Proper menstruation is very essential part in female reproductive life. Majority of females have their regular periods with no serious complications. But 20-30% of females are suffering with various menstrual problems and do not get proper menstrual cycles. These females suffer with various mental and physical problems due to irregularity in periods and hormonal imbalance. This problem interrupts woman’s life in various ways accompanied by uncountable symptoms.

Headache, nausea, vomiting, bloating, abdominal cramps, backache, soreness of breasts, acne, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic constipation and excessive fatigue are the major symptoms that are experienced by females during menstruation.

Stressful lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, excessive use of contraceptives, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and polyps, pelvic inflammation and PCOD’s are the various factors that are responsible to disturb normal menstruation in females.

Herbs used to fix menstruation related problems :-

Treatment of this problem depends upon the factors that cause this serious problem. To treat this problem and routing out underlying causes Ayurveda herbs and minerals are effective. Ayurveda is one best way to treat various hormonal, menses and obstetrics related major issues. Ayurvedic herbs have proven benefits to cope with this serious problem in females. Natural extracts obtained from various parts of pure herbs are used to cure these problems that give satisfactory results. Below mentioned are very beneficiary herbs of ayurveda-

  • Anethum sowa – Anethum sowa (Soye) is, extremely beneficial herb of Ayurveda that helps to regulate menstruation flow and also help to improve the quantity of menstrual blood. Anti-spasmodic nature of this herb helps to cope with serious inflammation and spasm of female genital organs. It is very effective remedy for those females that are suffering with these problems due to anaemia. Leaves and seeds of this herb help to treat female reproductive system related problems. It is also very beneficial remedy for pregnant females and lactating mothers.
  • Juniperus cummunis – Juniperus cummunis (Hapusha)is used to treat menstrual problems and it helps to relieve various underlying symptoms associated with these problems like abdominal spasm, excessive abdominal pain, nausea, flatulance and severe headache. It is important herb that is capable to fight against various gastro-intestinal and urinary tract related infections. Anti-inflammatory properties of this herb make it potent to fight against inflammation, allergies and infections of respiratory tract. It helps to relieve killing pain in young females during menstruation.
  • Nigella sativa – Nigella sativa (Kalaunji) is anti-oxidant and immunity booster herb of Ayurveda. It helps to reduce inflammation and spasm of female reproductive organs. It helps to fight against free radicals and harmful waste and protect our liver from these waste materials. This herb is very beneficial for obese females that are suffering with various menstruation problems.
  • Nardostachys jatamansi – (Jatamansi) It is again very beneficial herb of Ayurveda that fights against problem associated with immune, digestive and female reproductive system. Regular use of this herb supports hormones and female reproductive health. Its regular intake makes the menstrual periods regular and also helps to sooth the abdominal cramps. It helps to ease very sharp and killing period pain. It helps to reduce inflammation of uterus and strengthens the female reproductive system. It helps to make proper balance of estrogen and progesterone hormone.
  • Ferula narthex – Hing is very beneficial herb to deal with various menstruation related problems. Regular use of this herb helps to stimulate the production of progesterone hormone and also help to cure the imbalance of female hormones. Its regular intake maintains regular and smooth menstrual flow. Anti-spasmodic properties of this herb help to reduce excessive spasm during menstrual period and also deal with various abdominal problems.

In simple words we can say that above mentioned herbs of Ayurveda are nature’s best gift for healthy ovaries and to ease various female problems. All the herbs of Ayurveda are also helpful to promote conception in females. These herbs also help to fight against pre-menstrual tension, amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea and gaseous distension associated with periods.

If you want to fix your menstruation related problems with Ayurveda, here is very effective and satisfactory remedies available at Yamuna Pharmacy in form of Mensulix syrup and Mensule capsules. All the above mentioned herbs of Ayurveda are used in these effective remedies to treat numerous menstruation related problems or in other words we can say both are beneficial solution for multiple female reproductive system related problems. Regular use of these herbal syrup and capsules cope with premenstrual syndrome. These are very effective remedies that help to fight against amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea. Regular intake of these remedies helps to maintain irregularity of menstrual cycle and also help to improve the flow and volume of menstrual blood.

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