How to overcome depression with help of Ayurveda?

Depression is one of major health epidemic that affects 10-15% people throughout the world. Every one of us feels depression and extreme sadness, lack of interest in daily activities, always frustrated and restlessness are the main characteristic features of this problem.

Negative attitude, always feeling helpless, irritability and mood swings, are the symptoms we experience day to day. Yes, these are the symptoms of depression. It is very common and major medical illness seen in people of this modern era that gives rise to numerous mental and physical illnesses. This disorder affects our life in all the aspects and females are at the major risk of this disorder than males. Basically depression is fluctuation of moods that we are experiencing in our normal life.

Fatigue, insomnia, irritation, frustration, loss of appetite, depressed or sad moods, weight loss, restlessness, inability to think and concentrate on things and stupid thoughts of death and suicide in mind are the major symptoms of this disease. Increased heart rate, difficult breathing, nausea, cold sweating and sudden chills are the other associate symptoms of this disease.

What are the causes of depression?

Physical structure and chemistry of brain, family depression history, other medical conditions and brain disorders, hormonal troubles (menstrual problems and pregnancy) and excessive use of certain medications are the various causes that cause this serious brain related problem.

Ayurveda outlook-

According to Ayurveda three mental energies (sattva, rajja and tama) along with vitiated tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha) are responsible for the onset of this disease. According to Ayurveda when sattvic energies in body are reduced and rajsic and tamsic energies are aggravated in body then the person suffers with depression. Due to this imbalance of three mind energies, essence of all dhatus (ojas) is also disturbed and air (Vyaan vaayu servicing the Nervous system) responsible for working of mind also gets disturbed and causes this serious trouble.

How to cope with depression by means of Ayurveda?

Major line of treatment of allopathic medicines to treat depression is with anti-depressants. But it is a universal truth that these medications are associated with other mental and physical side effects. Ayurveda has very holistic and different approach to cope with this serious problem by means of effective and beneficiary herbs. These herbs work effectively on our brain cells, improve the functioning of brain and safely treat this problem without leaving or generating any adverse effects. Yamuna pharmacy provides you very effective treatment to fight depression in the form of Sery capsule. Herbs used in this herbal remedy help to stimulate our brain functioning and treat the major root causes of this problem.

Sery capsuleBrahmi, Tagar, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, Ext. brahmi, Ext. tagar, Ext. jatamansi, Ext. ashwagandha etc.are used formulate this effective formulation to cope with depression. It is best herbal remedy to fight against depression, anxiety, stress, psychosis, schizophrenia and neurosis produced by Yamuna pharmacy. It is also very effective remedy that helps to fight against various other neuro-generative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s syndrome.

Uses of herbs used in Sery capsule-

  • Uses of Brahmi- Brahmi is very potent herb of Ayurveda that helps to fight against various nervous system related problems and to improve brain functions and intelligence. This herb of Ayurveda is named after God Brahmma and he is associated with great intellect, creative powers and memory. Bacosides A and B and Brahmin,Herpestine present in this herb help to stimulate our brain cells and give relief from this serious nervous system related trouble. Regular use of Brahmi helps to reduce cortisol that is stress hormone and major root cause of depression and give long term relief. Anti-oxidant properties of this herb help to stimulate our immune system and protect our brain cells from harmful free radicals and toxins. Acrylamide is one dangerous toxin that is responsible for causing neuro-generative disorders and this herb helps to fight against this toxin and protect human brain from these disorder. Regular use of this herb helps to improve brain functions and memory in children.
  • Uses of Tagar- Tagar is very effective herb of Ayurveda and in case of depression this beneficial herb helps to fight against insomnia, hypersomnia and other sleep related troubles. Regular use of this herb is also very beneficial for females who are suffering with depression due to their menstrual issues. According to Ayurveda tagar is one beneficial herb that help to alleviate disorders of head, good for eyes and improve the quantity and volume of urine. This herb is known to calm our nervous system and good for curing various sleeping problems. It is also digestive and diuretic herb of Ayurveda.
  • Uses of Jatamansi– Jatamnsi is very beneficial calming herb of Ayurveda that possesses anti-depressant and anti-convulsive properties. It is also brain enhancing and anti-epileptic herb in nature. Anti-oxidant nature of this herb stimulates our immunity and protects our brain from infections and other brain problems. Anti-inflammatory nature ofJatamansi helps to cure serious and chronic inflammations. Regular use of this herb improves and enhances our memory and intellect and it helps to strengthen our nervous system.
  • Uses of Ashwagandha– Ashwagandha is natural herb of Ayurveda that acts as natural stress buster and good to improve memory. It helps to relieve stress and improve concentration. Regular use of this herb helps to reduce stress and anxiety that are responsible for causing serious depression. Regular intake of this herb also helps to reduce raised level of blood sugar in body. Anti-oxidant nature of this herb is also good to cure multiple disorders and also fight against cancer cells. Regular use of this herb also helps to reduce all the symptoms that a depression sufferer is experiencing.

Above mentioned are the very beneficial and immense benefits of herbs used in Sery capsule to fight against depression. This herbal remedy is safe for every age group and does not cause any harmful side effects. So it is your choice to treat your problem with this natural and herbal remedy or to kill your brain cells by using harmful allopathic anti-depressant medicines daily.

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