How to cure Ulcerative Colitis with Ayurveda?

Ulcerative colitis is very chronic disease of human body that is mainly associated with lining of large intestine. In other words we can say that it’s serious and chronic inflammation of large intestine. Large intestine is composed of colon and rectum and in this disease either one part or both the parts are inflamed. This inflammation of intestinal lining is responsible for production of tiny sores in the large intestine and these sores are called ulcers. This disease usually starts from rectum and spreads upward and it involves colon also. Ulcers in the large intestine are responsible for causing rapid and frequent bowel movements. Due to which emptying of stomach becomes more frequent with passage of blood, mucus and pus with stool.

It is very common disorder of this modern era because of our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. We are taking oily, salty, spicy, frozen foods and carbonated drinks daily. These are harmful for our gut and cause serious gastric troubles. This disease can affect every age group but people between 15-35 and more that 50years are more prone to this disease. Men are affected more with this problem as compared to women.

Sign and symptoms-

Abdominal pain and cramps, increased bowel sounds and rectal bleeding are the most common sign and symptoms of ulcerative colitis. And other underlying symptoms of this disease may include loss of appetite, nausea, fever, diarrhoea, rectal pain, fatigue, anaemia and continuous weight loss.
If sign and symptoms of this disease are ignored and not treated on time it causes further complications that include inflammation and pain of joints, digestive troubles, inflammation of eyes, mouth sores and various skin troubles.


Genetics play very important role in the onset of this disease. Our own genes that are inherited from parent are responsible to cause ulcerative colitis. Weak immune system and invasion of bacteria and viruses in the intestine is considered to be another possible cause for this disease. Foods we take and excessive use of certain medications are another factors for causing ulcerative colitis.

Ayurveda outlook-

Ayurveda is ancient and very holistic approach for treating chronic disorders by means of herbs. According to Ayurveda healthy digestion is one important factor for the establishment of good physical and mental health. This disease is classified under Grahani roga and it is named as Pittaj grahani. Excessive use of pitta aggravating foods, exposure to hot climates and excessive use of alcohol and smoking are responsible for disturbance of digestive enzymes (Agni). This indigestion is responsible for disturbed bowel movements and inflammation of intestine and it is called Pittaj grahani roga.

Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis-

Main aim of Ayurveda is to treat the root cause of every problem by using natural and pure herbs. In the same way Yamuna Pharmacy offers you best Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis in form of Acidocid tablets, Catasyn syrup, Gulvalex capsules,Atisaarex syrup and Sameerna syrup.
Above mentioned Ayurveda products for ulcerative colitis help to reduce inflammation and give long term relief. Regular use of all these Ayurveda remedies help to fight against other gastric troubles and promotes overall health of digestive tract.
All these Ayurveda treatments for ulcerative colitis are safe and formulated by using pure herbs of Ayurveda. All the products of Yamuna Pharmacy are safe to use and formulated under strict supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors. These products are free from bad effectsof preservatives and chemicals.

  • Acidocid tablet– prepared fromYashtimadhu ghan, muktashukti bhasma, kanak patra, Kapoor kachri ghan, amalkee ghan and khatika etc. the Ayurveda ingredients used to ulcerative colitis. Regular use of this herbal remedy helps to reduce chronic inflammation of intestine and stomach lining. It is very effective remedy for acid peptic disorders (APD)and it is also useful to fight against chronic constipation. Regular use of this remedy helps to fight against other associate symptoms of ulcerative colitis such as reduced appetite, heart burns, abdominal distention and acid reflux. Herbs used in this Ayurveda treatment help to reduce pain caused by ulcers. Acidocid tablet is also very beneficial to reduce spasmodic pain in abdomen. Regular use of this herbal remedy helps to promote overall health of our gut.
    Dosage– 2 tablets to be chewed thrice daily for better results.
  • Gulvalex capsuleGuduchi is the major herb of Ayurveda that is used to prepare this Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis. In case of ulcerative colitis use of this herbal remedy helps to stimulate our immune system. Regular use of this remedy improves our immunity and it also helps to fight against chronic infections that cause inflammation in large intestine. Regular use of this herb helps to fight against free radicals and toxins responsible for causing inflammation in gut. It also builds resistance to reduce the invasion of harmful bacteria and viruses that are responsible for causing inflammation of gut. Gulvalex capsule help to fight high grade fevers and this herb also is instrumental in the production of platelets and red blood cells.
    Dosage– 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice daily for better results.
  • Catasyn syrupPapaya, shunthi, kachoor, vidang, kapoor, ajwain, pippali, nagarmotha, ajwain sattva and pudina sattva are used to prepare this Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis. This herbal remedy is very effective for treating indigestion and other gastric troubles caused by ulcerative colitis. Regular use of this remedy helps to improve overall health of gut and it also reduces abdominal sounds caused by ulcerative colitis. Catasyn syrup helps to improve appetite and it also useful to treat dyspepsia. Regular use of this remedy diminishes nausea and vomiting caused by ulcerative colitis. Cooling effects of these herbs help to reduce burning sensation and to reduce excessive inflammation of intestine. All these herbs are digestive in nature and help to reduce abdominal colic and other digestion related problems. It helps to stop rectal bleeding and also used to cure chronic constipation.
    Dosage– 2 teaspoon thrice daily for better results.
  • Sameerna syrupNimbuksatva and gandhakmla are used to prepare this Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis. This Ayurveda treatment helps reduce abdominal and renal colic in ulcerative colitis. It is very effective appetizer in nature and anti-emetic nature of this syrup helps to treat nausea and vomiting caused by ulcerative colitis. Regular use of this remedy helps to sooth intestinal lining and reduce chronic inflammation.
    Dosage– 2 teaspoon thrice daily for better results.

Prevention tips for sufferers of ulcerative colitis-

  • Manage your stress and try to do regular exercise for 60 minutes daily.
  • Pay attention what you eat. Try to limit intake of processed foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, dairy products and products with preservatives and chemicals.
  • Stay hydrated always and take plenty of fluids.
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