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A chronic wound may be defined as one that is physiologically impaired due to a disruption of the wound-healing cycle as a result of impaired angiogenesis, innervation, or cellular migration as a result of the following factors:

(1) The time taken for complete epithelialization differs depending on various factors, morbidities (e.g., diabetes, autoimmune disease and peripheral artery disease), increased body mass index, anatomic locations,and medications.

On the basis of time required to heal the wound, we can’t differentiate chronic wounds from acute wounds. Some schools of thought suggest that lack of 50 percent reduction of the surface area of wound in one month time is regarded as chronic wound .

(2) The chronic, non-healing wound is prone to infection and causes pain and diminished quality of life.

(3) Topical applications of Ayurveda medicated oil and oral administration of compound Ayurveda medicine for accelerated wound healing have been practiced historically.

(4) Different wounds require dressings for different reasons. Some wounds need protection from exogenous infection while others need a conducive environment for healing till the skin regenerates.

Accelerating the re-epithelialization, minimizing pain and preventing infection are main goals of dressing care.

Conventional paraffin gauze dressings are inexpensive but do not contain any active agent that can promote wound healing. Thus, the quest for finding newer and better alternatives is a continuous endeavor in medical research.

Wound healing is a complex process that has different phases, the inflammatory phase, the proliferative phase, and the remodeling phase. Each phase has its unique contribution and synchronized process as a whole to accomplish wound healing.

The basic principle is to minimize the damage to the tissues, provide nutrients, oxygen to the healing tissues and optimization of environment for rapid wound healing.

(5) The problem in wound healing occurs due to various factors- local and systemic.Activity of  reactive oxygen species is important factor that hinders the process of wound healing

(6). Free radical scavengers are protective against their reactive oxygen species. During the wound healing process the neutrophils cause respiratory burst which initiate the activity of reactive oxygen species .

(7). Free radicals scavengers are produced by other cells too by NADPH pathways

(8). These species cause the lipid peroxidation, DNA damage and enzyme inactivation.

Topical application of free radical scavenging compound reduces the oxidants burden and promote rapid wound healing.

(9) The wound size decreases when healing starts. This occurs in secondary wound healing due to the contraction of myofibroblasts.

Some best Ayurvedic Oral Use Medicines for Wound Healing

Hemoclin Tablet – Purakt tablet constitutionally and functionally is a virus fuse and bacteriostatic hence builds up resistance against diseases caused by bacteria and viruses of various varieties

Hemoclin tablet:-

imparts curative and preventive relief in numerous dermatoses

helps get rid of chronic ulcers, furuncles, carbuncles, and boils

mitigates acne, papules/ pimples, and unbroken skin blemishes or stains

controls and checks excessive count of white blood cells in the blood

combats proliferation and multiplication of viruses and bacteria in the blood neutralizes pus and toxins present in the blood

Stametas Capsule – Stametas capsule constitutionally and functionally is an iso-physiological cell and tissue protector. Stametas capsule hence builds up and maintains normal growth and physiological activity of cells and tissues.

Stametas capsule imparts curative and preventive relief in physical disorders manifested with cysts,protuberances,single or multiple abnormal and uncontrolled cellular growths, neoplasms, etc.

Stametas capsule is also helpful in arresting and retarding internal and external glandular growths and organic herniations and tumour swellings.

Stametas capsule helps cell regeneration of normal cells , subside swellings, and referred pains as a result of such symptoms as elevates the pain tolerance threshold.

Gulvalex Capsule – Gulvalex capsule the Immunomodulator is functionally a muscular and nervine tonic that mitigates rheumatism and rheumatic disorders and promotes wound healing by strengthening the tissues and cell regeneration. Gulvalex capsule the Immunomodulator strengthens the temperature control center in the brain, so as a regular user person can sustain minor bacterial-chemical pyretic stimuli.

Amla Capsule – Rich source of Vitamin C that heals wounds and ulcers fast. Manufacturers M/s Yamuna Pharmacy are in Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer since 1944 and is a reputed GMP firm.

Triphla Choorna – Keeps Vaata-Pittata-Kapha the three doshaas in harmony and equilibrium.Rich in tannin that expedites the healing of wound bed and inner lining of ulcer.

 Some best Ayurvedic Topical Use Medicines for Wound Healing

Epidermoil– Epidermoil hastens wound and ulcer healing when applied externally and achieves  early recovery from:    

* Itching and irritations of skin  

* Dandruff on scalp and face  

* Infections and irritation of mucus of genital parts

 * Intertrigo (friction of two folds of skin)        




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