Cofex – (Ayurvedic Cough Syrup)


(Pack of two)

Cofex, an ayurvedic cough syrup meticulously crafted by Yamuna Pharmacy, provides relief from coughing and helps clear stagnated sputum from the throat.



Seeking a solution for day-to-day cough complaints and sticky phlegm?

Cofex herbal expectorant, expertly prepared by Yamuna Pharmacy, offers a general solution for relieving coughing and assisting in clearing stagnated sputum from the throat.

Properties and Benefits:

  • Softens and liquefies sticky phlegm, easing its removal with a comfortable cough reflex.
  • Alleviates soreness and irritation of the throat.
  • Cleanses lung cells affected by external pollutants.
  • Promotes elasticity of bronchioles and bronchi, facilitating easy gaseous exchange in alveoli.
  • Opens up the windpipe tree for comfortable breathing.


Cofex herbal expectorant contains Vasaka, Kantakari, Madhuyashti, Lisodhe, Somlata, Khatmi, Tulsi, Navsadar, Tankan, and Satva pudina, among other ingredients, in syrup base.


The recommended dosage of Cofex herbal expectorant is 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls four times a day, to be taken with potable water.

Recommended Dose for Children:

For children, the recommended dosage of Cofex herbal expectorant is ½ to 1 teaspoonful three times a day with potable water.

Formulation Team:

Cofex herbal expectorant is conceptualized and formulated by an expert team comprising professionals with backgrounds in GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay), MSc (Med.Botany), BAMS, and BSc (Chemistry).

Packing :

Cofex herbal expectorant is conveniently packaged in PET bottles of 100 ml size.


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