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The best solution to keep hands and body free from environmentally present viruses and bacteria is OCCO instant sanitiser. One should keep the hands and body sterilised with OCCO instant sanitizer and only then hands should be used for eating, water drinking when no sterile tumbler or equipment is available. OCCO instant sanitiser is prepared from Prasanna (????????) that is best quality medicated Ethanol (added in 70% concentration) a potent surface antiseptic, antimicrobial, bactericidal and virucidal enriched with strong natural bacteria-virus repellents e.g. Neem, Haldi and Tulsi with a soothing glycerine and Aloe vera base to ward off any skin irritations. OCCO instant sanitizer keeps the whole body protected from bacteria and virus nesting and multiplying on the skin surface. Take 6-7 drops of OCCO instant sanitiser on palm rub properly on front and backside of hands (as shown diagrammatically on lable) and make them virus & bacteria free properly. For a proper virus & bacteria free body, take 20 to 30 ml measure (4 to 6 teaspoons) of OCCO instant sanitizer mix with 500ml of pure water and dip a small towel cloth in it and sponge the body after exposure to open environments and take bath. For sanitisation of other household things, make a solution of 30ml of OCCO instant sanitiser with 500ml of pure water. Wet a small towel cloth in it and clean the wrappers of packed edibles before stacking them in kitchen cabinets. This will disinfect invisible harmful viruses & bacteria that are causative factors of sudden fevers, colds, nasal discharge and body aches.

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