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Ensure your hands and body stay free from viruses and bacteria with OCCO instant sanitizer. Crafted from medicated ethanol (70% concentration), renowned for its powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial, bactericidal, and virucidal properties. Infused with natural bacteria and virus repellents like Neem, Haldi, and Tulsi, along with a soothing glycerine and Aloe vera base to prevent skin irritation. OCCO instant sanitizer provides comprehensive protection against bacteria and viruses on the skin surface. Apply 6-7 drops on palms and rub thoroughly on both sides of hands. For overall body sanitation, dilute 20 to 30 ml of OCCO instant sanitizer with 500 ml of water and sponge the body after exposure to open environments. For household sanitation, create a solution of 30 ml of OCCO instant sanitizer with 500 ml of water and use it to clean surfaces. This aids in disinfecting harmful viruses and bacteria that can lead to fevers, colds, nasal discharge, and body aches.

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