Hemoclin T- (Anti Infective)


Pack of 10 Tablet

Sodium bicarbonate 300 mg., Pure sulphur 150 mg. prepared with Melia azadirachta, Turmeric and Acacia bark decoctions.


What is the medicine for relief in skin disorders?

Hemoclin-T tablet prepared by Yamuna Pharmacy is best remedy for skin disorders.

What is Hemoclin-T tablet?

Hemoclin-T tablet is a poly compound of herbs and minerals.

How does Hemoclin-T tablet benefit?

Hemoclin-T tablet constitutionally and functionally is a virusfuge and baceriostatic hence builds up resistance against diseases caused by bacteria and viruses of various varieties.

What other benefits one gets from Hemoclin-T tablet?

  • Hemoclin-T tablet imparts curative and preventive relief in numerous dermatoses
  • Hemoclin-T tablet helps get rid of chronic ulcers, furuncles, carbuncles and boils
  • Hemoclin-T tablet mitigates acnes,papules/ pimples and unbroken skin blemishes or stains
  • Hemoclin-T tablet controls and checks excessive count of white blood cells in the blood
  • Hemoclin-T tablet combats proliferation and multiplication of viruses and bacteria in the blood
  • Hemoclin-T tablet neutralizes pus and toxins present in the blood
  • Hemoclin-T tablet allays irritation and itching in prurigo and intertrigo

What is the composition of Hemoclin-T tablet?

Hemoclin-T tablet comprises purified Sajjikhar and Shuddha Gandhak processed in Twaq,Haridra and Babool.

What is dose of Hemoclin-T tablet?

1 to 2 tablets twice or thrice a day till a satisfactory feel good experience.

Who is behind concept of formulation of Hemoclin-T tablet?

Hemoclin-T tablet is conceived and formulated by expert team of GAMS,B.Pharm (Ay)and MSc (Med.Botany) and BAMS personnels

What is packing of Hemoclin-T tablet?

Hemoclin -T tablet Standard pack : 10×10 tablets


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