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Causes of ACIDITY

1.Consumption of beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks.
2.Smoking and chewing of tobacco products
3.Eating heavy meals close to bed time.
4.Highly spicy foods, Sedentary life style.
5.Excessive use of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory medicines and some of antibiotics.
6.Inactivity due to being pregnant.
7.Stress, worries and tension.

Bercin tablet

Bercin tablet prepared by Yamuna Pharmacy is best remedy for rectal piles and fissures without side effects.

Acidocid syrup

Acidocid syrup functionally are prone to boost the structural and physiological health of food pipe (esophagus) stomach and duodenum which in sequence receive the eaten foods from mouth.

Symptoms of ACIDITY

Heartburn, Bloating, Nausea, Weight loss , A sour taste in the mouth. ,Dark or black stools (from internal bleeding, Burping or hiccups that won’t stop, Dry cough and sore throat, Bloody vomiting, Bad breath , Dyspepsia (a narrowed esophagus that feels as if there is food stuck in your throat), Severe pain in abdomen, Difficulty in breathing, Erosion of gum and teeth


Complications due to ACIDITY
Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers
Due to over secretion of gastric juices, there is disruption in the lining of the lower end of stomach and upper part of small intestine. In some cases ulcers can be the cause of cancer.
Reflux regurgitation, Acid dyspepsia and Heartburn

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