Weight Loss or Underweight


Underweight is the condition when body mass index (BMI) is below than person’s normal age and height. Body mass index (BMI) that ranges between 20-25 is an ideal weight, 25-30 indicates deficiencies in the body and overweight and above 30 leads to obese. There are various causes which are responsible for underweight like nutritional deficiencies, high metabolism rate in thin people, debilitated immune system, heart problems, cancer, anemia, thyroid, insomnia, constipation, fasting, heavy exercise, skipping meals, liver disorders, dyspepsia, eating disorder (anorexia), genetic factors and stress.

Hazards of being Underweight

Improper Growth – In underweight people there is the deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins in the body. These elements are mandatory for the proper growth and strength of body. Their physique is not developed properly.

Osteoporosis – Due to improper eating habits, when there is insufficient amount of calcium in diet, as a result due to the calcium deficiency, bones become weak and brittle which leads to osteoporosis.

Anemia – Underweight people commonly suffer from this problem because inadequate amounts of iron results in anemia.Lethargy and feeling of weakness.
these are the symptoms associated with anemia.
1. Weak musculature
2. Hormonal complications.

Infertility –1. Underweight women usually suffer from menstrual complications which are major cause of infertility.
2. Heart complications.
3. Improper lungs functioning.
4. Loss of hairs.
5. Underweight people have weak immune system so due to that these people are more vulnerable to infections.

Siderol capsule

1 capsule twice a day for 30 to 40 days for upkeep of iron element and better oxygenation in the body,with water after principal meals.

Corell capsule

1 capsule twice a day for 30 to 40 days for upkeep of calcium element in the body, with water after principal meals.

Dietary measures are recommended for Underweight people

• Always take nutrient rich and calorie rich diet.
• Take small frequent meals so that body can get enough time to absorb the nutrients from food.
• Include the dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk.
• Consume nuts such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts.
• Avocados are the rich source of fats and nutrients and help in weight gaining.
• Include bread and cereals in your diet like bread, rice, pasta and oats.

Lifestyle suggestions for Underweight people

• Stop doing vigorous exercises like (running, sports and aerobic classes).
• Heavy emotional stress is also responsible for being underweight so pranayam is also an effective way to get rid from this problem.

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