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Product Range

  • Powder

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

  • Tablets

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

  • Oil

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

  • Syrups

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

  • Capsule

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

  • ointment

    Top pure Ayurvedic Product.

Why choose our product’s

YAMUNA PHARMACY is today one of the leading pharmacy serving to a wide clientele . Our products ensure quality and efficency. We offer our products at a competitive price. Moreover , the products delivered one are updated. We commit ourselves to total customer care by delivering world class products and services. We provide classic marketing support for medical fertinity with an embracing approach for enabling an organizational development that will deliver.

We have gained customer satisfaction due to many reasons:

1. Immensely valuable brand.

2. Timely delivery.

3. Competitive prices.

4. Experienced and diligent professionals.

5. Quality of the product is unbeatable.

6. Our company is based on honesty and trust.

7. 24 hr call support.

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Ask our expert

Dr. Satish Jerath

Founder-Partner Yamuna Pharmacy and medical practior at Dr. Jerath Herbal Health Center Jagadhari Road,Yamuna Nagar (135001) Haryana, INDIA.


1. Spread awareness about Ayurveda around the world.

2. Prevent and treat diseases and help as many people as possible by bringing them knowledge about nature and Ayurvedic medicine.

Besides having degree in Ayurveda, Dr.Satish Jerath also learned under personal guidance of his respected renowned father Vaidya Purushottam Lal Ji Jerath in a familial atmosphere. Dr.Satish Jerath is experienced in manufacture and medical practice in Ayurveda since 1972 onwards.Dr. Satish Jerath also went interactive with physicians’ fraternity by disseminating the information of Ayurvedic Products of Yamuna Pharmacy in person all over India.

Ayurvedic products of Yamuna Pharmacy were also introduced to renowned ayurvedic institutions and hospitals. Presently, Dr.Satish Jerath is in regular medical practice at his clinic at Yamuna Nagar and available to the patients for free online consultation. He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has been on various electronic medias for interviews. Dr. Satish Jerath is onboard consultant for neo-formulations and formulation revision with Yamuna Pharmacy Read More..

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