Nausea or Retching

What is Polycystic ovary syndrome?

Nausea or Retching is a discomfort that occurs in the stomach that often comes before vomiting. Vomiting is a force action of emptying the stomach contents voluntarily or involuntarily. It may be experienced during travel or motion sickness, pregnancy, acid reflux.

What is Nausea or Retching?

Nausea or Retching have lots of symptoms of many diseases which are caused by problems in any one of three parts of the body, including:

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Abdominal and Pelvic Organs

Many different abdominal conditions can cause nausea or retching, like inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) or pancreas (pancreatitis); a blocked or stretched intestine or stomach; irritation of the stomach and intestinal lining, inflammation of the kidney; and gallbladder problems. The most common abdominal illnesses that result in nausea are viral infections.


Brain and Spinal Fluid

Nausea occurs in conditions of migraine, headaches, head injury, brain tumors, stroke, bleeding into or around the brain. It can be a symptom of glaucoma.

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