Liver Diseases

liver diseases

What is Liver Diseases

Liver Diseases and Disorders affecting the liver are called Liver Diseases and inordinate structuring-formation and functioning of liver and symptoms appearing as a result of the same are called Liver Disorders.

Types of Hepatitis

1. Hepatitis A 2. Hepatitis B 3. Hepatitis C 4. Hepatitis D 5. Hepatitis E 6. Hepatitis A, B, C is common

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Yamzyme Syrup

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Symptoms of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. The main function of the liver is to filter toxins and chemicals from the blood. It converts the proteins and sugar into the useful substances, stores them and releases them whenever the body requires. It is most commonly caused due to the group of viruses that attack the liver.


Hepatitis A (HAV) It is a mild form of acute hepatitis. It is caused by the HAV and spreads through the contaminated food and water. Anal-oral contact during sex can also be the cause. In rare cases, it can cause acute liver failure. Following are the Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis A:

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