Hair loss


Falling of hairs from head and scalp when noticed is generally categorized as Hair loss.
Hair is very simple in structure and made up of keratin protein. Normally our hair grows half inch every month. Body hair gives warmth to body, nostril hair protects our immune system from dirt and dust particles and hair of eyebrow and eyelashes protect us from dirt, rain and sweat. Hair follicle contains nerve receptor within the skin and this property of hair provides us sensory awareness.
Only your facial features do not tell about you but your hair reveals too about your personality. Stay young forever is dream of every person and we can’t stop the flow of time. In human body hairs are not only important part of body rather they are very essential for a beautiful physical appearance. But various genetic, environmental and nutritional factors are responsible for the damage of hair. Hair loss, graying of hair and wrinkles on skin are the major signs of growing age. Hair loss is a common problem seen these days.

How do the hairs grow

Process of hair growing has three phases

• Growth phase (Anagen phase)
• Transitional phase (Catagen phase)
• Resting phase (Telogen phase)

How does Hair Loss occur

Hair loss is sudden shedding of hair. “ALOPECIA” is term used for hair loss. It is immune system related disorder. Hair loss is not a big issue because it is recovered by new hair growth. But abnormal hair loss is problem.
It is just because of the shrinking of hair follicles present at hair roots. So many causes are responsible for the shedding of hair at early age. We normally lose 50-100 hair daily.

GULVALEX capsule

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SIDEROL capsule

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CORELL capsule

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contributing factors causing Hair Loss

• Scalp infections
• Major illness
• Major surgery
• Anaemias
• Trauma
• Hormonal problems
• Excess intake of antidepressant medicines
• After pregnancy
• Diseases like diabetes and lupus

• Growing age
• Heredity
• Poisoning of heavy metals
• Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
• Fungal infections

Symptoms of Hair Loss

• Dandruff
• Lesions of skin
• Hair loss in patches
• Scarring
• Excessive hair fall every day

types of Hair Loss

Male and female pattern baldness – Each strand of hair sits in a tiny cavity. Hair follicle shrinks over time and results in short and thin hair. This is mainly due to aging and changed levels of androgen.
Cicatricial alopecia –It is also called scarring alopecia. In this type of disorder hair follicle is destroyed and replaced by a scar tissue. Hair loss is permanent in this type of alopecia.
Anagen effluvium –It is pathological loss of anagen. It arises during the anagen phase of cycle. Main cause of anagen effluvium is repeated radiation and chemical therapies.
Alopecia areata –Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disorder in which loss of hair is from some or whole parts of body. Problem spreads to entire scalp and enter the entire epidermis.

Telogen effluvium –This type of hair loss is characterized by thinning and shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hair in the resting phase of hair (telogen phase).

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