Edema or Oedema


Edema or Oedema Edema or also spelt as Oedema is a condition characterized by fluid retention in body’s tissues which results in the swelling. Edema may affect the hands, arms, legs, feet and ankle. In edema there is the leakage of blood vessels due to that fluid released into nearby tissues. This extra fluid accumulation results in tissues swelling.


1. Prolonged sitting or staying in one position.
2. Consumption of too much salty food.
3. Pregnancy.
4. Premenstrual syndrome.
5. Use of contraceptive pills.
6. Use of certain medication like high blood pressure medicines, anti inflammatory drugs, steroids, estrogens and medicines for diabetes.

Edema or Oedema could be sign of some severe diseases as enumerated under:

Congestive heart failure – When heart loses its ability to pump blood efficiently, blood flows back to feet, legs and ankles results in edema or oedema.
Cirrhosis – Due to liver damage, fluid gets accumulated in the body which results in edema or oedema.
Kidney disease – In kidney diseases sodium and extra fluid is present in circulations.Sodium molecule has property to retain fluids. In such eventuality edema occurs in legs and around eyes.
Damage to the veins in legs.
Impairment of lymphatic system results in edema.

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Signs and symptoms of Edema or Oedema

Puffiness or swelling of tissues under skin.

1. Increase in abdomen size.
2. Stretched skin.

Symptoms mentioned hereunder are signs of Pulmonary Odema and require prior medical attention:

1. Shortness of breath.
2. Chest pain.
3. Difficulty in breathing.

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