Lesser number of red blood cells and or deficiency of Hemoglobin in the blood result in Anaemia. It is marked by paleness of the skin and generalized weakness in the body. Anaemia is one of the most common blood disorders which affects a large number of people especially women in the child bearing age group. In these women, there are chances of excessive blood loss during menstruation which may result in anaemia.

Causes of ANAEMIA

1.Dietary insufficiency of Iron.
2.Deficiency of vitamin B12.
3.Suppression of function of bone marrow which does not allow the usual
production of blood cells.
4.Excessive loss of blood due to injuries or traumas
or hemorrhagic disorders.
5.Inherited problems e.g.Sickle cell Anaemia,Thalassemia etc.which interfere
with normal production.
6.Any chronic disease.

Siderol capsule

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Hemocytone syrup

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In pregnant women, there is an increased demand of dietary energy to sustain the health and growth of the mother and the fetus. As a result, the daily requirement of Iron by the body is also increased significantly. Young children may also get affected by some form of Anaemia. The types of Anaemia that occur by birth are usually inherited and very difficult to treat. Anaemia similarly affects the elderly people. In them, it is most often caused by association of long standing disease conditions and improper diet.

What are the types of ANAEMIA?

(i)Sickle cell Anaemia
(ii)Iron deficiency Anaemia
(iii)Fanconi Anamia
(iv)Vitamin deficiency
(v)Aplastic Anaemia
(vii) Hemolytic Anaemia

What are the symptoms of Anaemia?

*Fatigue *Unusually fast heart beat (Tacycardia) *Inability to bear chronic fatigue*Lack of concentration *Dizziness *Paleness of skin *Leg cramps *Sleeplessness

Is there any natural way to prevent or cure Anaemia?
Types of Anaemia that do not have any genetic involvement can be easily managed with the help of right diet and nutrition. Food sources that are rich in Iron, Vitamins and Folic acid should be preferred. For non – vegetarians, meat, liver, fish and egg are some of the good options to raise the iron content in the body. For vegetarians, food products like tofu, lentils, and beans, green vegetables such as spinach and fruits such as Banana, Orange, Pomegranate and Lemon should be preferred. Whole grains are also a good and nutritious option for people with Anaemia.

Can ayurvedic treatment cure Anaemia?

Natural supplements can help to support the dietary shortcomings. An appropriate diet can help in the improvement of overall health and stamina of an anaemic patient. The best way to manage Anaemia is to have wholesome meals that are rich in all the necessary nutrients required by the body. Most people are able to manage Anaemia without using any medicines.
Natural supplements support a healthy life and are suitable for all people irrespective of their genetic constitution. These should be consumed to support a healthy body and mind which has the capability to naturally fight against all kinds of diseases.

What is the importance of blood in our body?

Blood is a part of the fluid component in the body which supplies nutrition and oxygen to each and every part of the body and transports the waste materials from them to be eliminated out. The blood is a complex tissue with many components like fluid, water, salts, minerals, proteins, lipids and glucose. RBCs, WBCs and platelets are the major cellular components of blood.

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